Thursday, August 16, 2007

Used Car Doantion - The Car Santa Way

Perhaps what today is known as Used Car Donation was started in 1969 by a man whose real name is Terry Franz, but widely known as Car Santa.

It all began that year on the Eve of Christmas when the Car Santa noted that there seemed to be networks of charity organisations helping people to get food, housing or employment but nobody provided charity for transportation. He thought that a lot of people could help themselves if they can get from one point to another.

So in 1969 in Kansas City Car Santa started giving away some big Christmas presents. The first year he gave six cars to some very deserving people on Christmas Eve. Since then he has given away hundreds of vehicles.

On Christmas Eve this year Car Santa will be giving away more than one hundred cars in various towns in the Midwest including fifty vehicles in Kansas Cikty alone.

To benefit from this Used Car Donation, there are some rules: You cannot be able to obtain a car any other way. You must submit a request to Car SAnta by mail or through his website

The Car Santa does not give away new cars. He gives people just basic transportation. They are all used vehicles - some with odometers as low as 40,000 and some as high as 250.000 miles. Some of them have rusts, dents and dings. All however, meet mechanical and safety inspection standards. The cars might not be the most beautiful in the world but they help to get people started

Terry Franz founded the Cars 4 Charistmas project in 1969 to help people that were just unable to obtain a vehicle and since then he has been providing these vehicles.

Reliable transportation positively affects an individual's and family's ability to endure and ultimatly pull through a life changing tragedy or hardship and move on to normalized circumstances. Todays's world demand that the average individual have personal transportation. Just as the average company cannot function properly without the use of computer technology, neither can the average individual function without the use of an automobile.

Franz takes a lots of help to deliver these big presents all in one night. His helpers are many and they are everywhere. It began as a little thing with a few people, but according to him hundreds have joined. They however have no government grants. They are totally peolple helping people and together they help make the programme work.

He works all year getting cars readworthy and with his helpers they read over 5000 requests, checking closely to find the most in need.

You too could donate a used car and help humanity to overcome his transportation problems. It is a gift that gives back

Abu Aremu


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